How much do I tip my Zip Line Tour Guide?

Well of course, here at Zipline USA, we are dedicated to making sure that you are safe! Safety is our number one priority and our guides are here to make you feel safe and secure throughout your tour.

In the service industry it is customary to tip 15-20%. The adventure industry is very similar. Although guides greatly appreciate tips, they are not required. Tips are earned based on your overall experience here at Zipline USA.

You have a minimum of two guides on every tour. The average tip per zip-liner is $20. If you have a family of four the average tip is about $50. This means each guide, if they earned it, will be $25 per guide for your family. If you feel that the guides deserve more then go for it!

We know that family vacations can be costly and we want your experience to be the best. It is completely appreciated to just tip $5.

Remember, if you enjoyed your ZIP leave a TIP!

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