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Zipline USA is a family owned business. Our family business not only extends to our children who are zipline guides but also our hired employees that are very much a part of our family. For a few years’ Heath I have been dreaming about owning a business that would make others enjoy travel just as much as we have. We are both in our very very young 40’s and this was going to be our retirement plan in the future. 

We google searched campgrounds, franchises, restaurants, wellness places, etc. The searches were endless and fun to do in our downtime. As you know adult life doesn’t have much downtime. Myself, Katrina, who was a single mom for over 10 years, earned a Doctorate in Health Education with an emphasis in Public Administration while being the President and CEO of a statewide organization in Arkansas. And Heath, a regional manager over seven states on constant travel overseeing a courier business and also a single father in Arkansas. 

In our search, we found a campground in Branson for sale. Branson is where Heath went to as a child and had fond memories of the Christmas spirt, the rustic theme and the pioneer atmosphere. I had also visited as an adult many times and created those same memories with my children on Table Rock Lake and enjoying the outdoor scenic mountains and trails. I wasn’t prepared to buy a business just curious about the future potential. 

A miracle happened. We met Sue Vanier (read her name fast you will get it), our real estate agent. She wanted us to meet the owners of a Zipline business that wasn’t for sale. We were looking for a solid business mentorship from others in the adventure industry. We hit it off with the previous owners! Didn’t know that we were about to enter into an amazing opportunity. One thing led to another and they offered to sell their property to us and walk us through the Zipline business. 

I believe everything happens for a reason and that we were truly blessed. In August of 2018, our family purchased Zipline USA and became the proud new owners where we will always treat our guests and our employees as one big happy family. 

~Katrina Betancourt

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