Safety Guidelines

Zipline USA places safety as our #1 priority.

Our safety policies and procedures meet or exceed the standards set forth by the International Professional Zipline Association.

We utilize state of the art equipment designed specifically for zip lining, require each of our professional guides to undergo extensive guide safety training, and operate each tour in the safest possible environment.

Every cable and bridge is inspected each day before any tours go out. Extensive course inspections are required and completed weekly and monthly by Zipline USA.

An annual course inspection is completed by the state. All pieces of equipment are inspected and recorded after each use to ensure that our visitors’ safety is not compromised.

A minimum of two zipline guides accompany each group of up to 12 persons.

All participants, including guides, wear safety equipment provided by Zipline USA. Absolutely, no personal equipment is allowed on the courses. 

Visitors are connected to the cables with safety lines at all times while on the zip line course, including skybridges and platforms.

Each visitor is connected to the cables at a minimum of two points while riding the zip lines, with safety lines, carabiners and pulleys.

Safe riding and braking instruction is provided before the tour begins.

Visitors are required to strictly adhere to all ziplining rules and their guides to ensure safe ziplining.

All visitors will practice zipping on our practice cable before moving onto the actual adventure.

Our Break Hawk System

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